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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day sixty-five (Hacienda Molleda Garnacha 2006)

Things feel good today and this evening because I now own Miles Davis The Complete On the Corner Sessions and The Cellar Door Sessions. I’m so happy to have these. I haven’t read the articles that I linked to, but I want and need to. Nonetheless, the albums are awesome. 14 hours of awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Hacienda Molleda Garnacha 2006I have heard the Hacienda Molleda Garnacha 2006 is also awesome. The Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) gave it 91 points.

But a note on the bottle. I like the slanted oval label, and I really appreciate the back label information. It tells about you the grape, about the vine, the location, the soil, the climate, and who the importer is. Oh, heck. I’ll just type it up for you to read.

GRAPE 100% Garnacha

THE VINE Garnacha (aka Grenache), a grape of southern Spanish origin, is a variety requiring a long, warm, growing season to fully ripen. Cariñena’s arid and windy conditions, along with hot days during the growing season, suits the Garnacha grape, producing fresh, intensive well-balanced wines.

LOCATION Zone 4, south of Zaragoza city. These vines are located at the highest altitude area in Cariñena region at 2,461 ft.

SOIL There are 3 different types of soil plots: River Stones, Clay, and Limestone. River Stones provide a warmer/drier environment, allowing for healthier level of ripeness. Clay retains water, preventing the vine from shutting down during dry years; and Limestone limits the nutrient intake of the vine, resulting in brighter, more intense flavors.

CLIMATE Continental Mediterranean, hot days and cold night, with average temperartures fo 63° F between April and October. Rainfall is very low at 14 in. yearly.


OLE GRID 2- 1 1/2 – 4

I like that information, thought I don’t know what that last line means. Hopefully, it’s code for awesome wine. I want to retain this feeling of awesome. I hope Molleda somehow means awesome. It actually means: “Molleda is one of seven parishes (administrative divisions) in the Corvera de Asturias municipality, within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.”) Somehow I think it also associates with alpha somewhere, somehow. And alpha is awesome!

Enough. Let’s get to the damned wine.

It’s musky and earthy. I should have expected that from a wine Robert Parker likes. I’m not picking up much fruit. Maybe some dark figs, if such a thing exists. My girlfriend gets salami. I get something pungent, too.

I get green peppercorns, plums, cherries, and vanilla. It’s quite tasty, but a Garnacha needs to be juicier than this. It’s a little dry for a Garnacha. Maybe it needs more time to open. It’s still good, and I’m sure it will go good with the portabello pierogies and heirloom tomato sauce.

I don’t think this wine is 91 points. It’s like 89 points.//

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