in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day seventy-nine (Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Summation 2007)

Kendall-Jackson Vinter's Reserve Summation 2007Tonight’s wine is Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Summation 2007. I will be sharing it with me and 22-year-old me.

Summation? I’ve never heard of that? It must be a blend, right?

Well, yes it is. A special blend similar to a Meritage.

What’s a Meritage?

Meritage is like a Bordeaux,  except it’s not from Bordeaux, France. A Bordeaux is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cab Franc. Plus! it must come from the Bordeaux region in France. The same blend made elsewhere is called Meritage. However, a Meritage can also use Petite Verdot in place of the Cab Franc, or the Petite Verdot can be the fourth grape. A good definition and description of Meriage can be found here at the Wine Intro website: http://wineintro.com/types/meritage.html.

Ok. So what’s a Summation?

Summation, like I said, is similar to a Meritage, but the blend is different. Since I’ve never seen or heard of Summation, I’ll take Kendall-Jackson’s blend as the definition. The blend is:

Grape StompLooking at this line up, I assume it will be a bigger wine than a Bordeaux or a Meritage.

Looking at that list, it looks like it should have been called Clean Up. It looks like they are using all their left over grapes. Plus, they used the word “synergy” in the description of the wine. Synergy? That’s a sign of nothing. What an empty and meaningless word. I have little expectations for this wine.

Maybe. The nose and taste will reveal if it’s a Summation or a vat of leftover grapes or wine as empty as the word “synergy.”


Well, I just poured a glass after opening the bottle about an hour ago. The Summation has a bright purple meniscus, and it looks thin.

All those grapes and it’s this thin. Such a shame.

Quiet you. (By the way, nice s and th sounds and other s-variant sounds.) You’re right though. It has a skeptical look. A devious look.

Like it’s going to try and trick you?


Yes, exactly.

The nose smells more solid than it looks. It smells sturdy like under-ripe plum, and it smells of plums. I pick up some black currants and pepper, too.

And cassis.

Cassis, yes. It’s definitely in there, but not overwhelming. This wine smells tight, so tight that I hope it doesn’t snap.

And alcohol.

Man, you just want to drink. Chill for a moment. Enjoy.

So far there’s not much to enjoy.

Ok. Here it goes. I was about to drink and the Cold War Kids sang, “I’d never touch another drink as long as I live.”

Jorge Pasada CabSee it’s a sign. This is going to be a lame wine.

Yeah, it kinda tastes like they just used what grapes they had left. It’s not balanced at all. There’s too much competition. Though I like the finish. I can pick up a yummy Merlot. The Merlot is at the very front of the wine, too.

Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s just tart and chalky at the back of the mouth at that last place before you swallow. If you pay attention, it’s pretty okay everywhere but there. There it tastes like heartburn, but it’s short lived. Just hold it in the mouth a bit longer than normal. Then swallow.

Damn, you’re kinda right. That competition I was talking of is actually happening on the tongue after the drink. The act of drinking this is okay tasting. I get some cherries, and that weird fruit thing with the seeds, um . . .


Yez. Correct again, sir. Young sir.

So really, with more consideration, I like this wine except for the finish. Then I get a bit wincy and with goose bumps.

Up front, this wine is an 87. On the finish an 85.

Yeah. I was thinking 86 overall, too.

Yes. 86 points. Not very good. I don’t think I’ll but this again, but I bet it would ok with some champagne cheese and warm Italian pane bread.//

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