in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day ninety-seven (Bear Boat Pinot Noir 2007)

Oh man, day 100 of the juiciest wine tour is coming up quick. Believe me, I’ve had more than 100 bottles of wine since April 1, 2010, when I began this blog, but, currently, I’ve only written about 96. Today I will write about my experiences the Bear Boat Pinot Noir 2007 from the Russian River Valley.

The Russian River Valley, located in northern California, has a fine reputation for wines. I’ve had a couple other wines from this region. I can’t remember what they were. I just remember goodness.

Russian River Valley

Bear Boat Pinot Noir 2007And so I’ve also heard good things about the Bear Boat. I’ve actually been saving it for a month or so.

This has been breathing for about an hour now, so it should be good to go.

When I poured it into the glass I noticed two things. One, it had a thin cherry color as it fell from the bottle into the glass. Two, it reeked of alcohol. That’s probably not a good thing, but it could be.

I love the transparency of this wine. It’ like 50% transparent. It looks like a sunset off the Oregon coast. It looks like an Oregon Pinot Noir.

As I look for pictures of this bottle of wine, the glass sits on my desk and the alcohol wafts up into my nose. This is powerful stuff. I’m a bit nervous to try this.

But before I do, you can see the picture of the bottle to the right. On the label are two bears. If you can’t read the label, the bear rowing the boat on the left says, “Full body, exquisite nose …”. The bear leaning on the bow on the right responds, “Careful, I’m spoken for.” Oh, good times are sure to ensue from this wine.

The story on the back label reads:

This is the story of Mac and Zeke, two inquisitive bears who find themselves on a quest to enjoy life’s great curiosities. With no actual destination in mind, they prefer to take in their surrounding and simply enjoy the journey. You’ll find them adrift wherever the current and the occasional row may take them.

It continues:

The Russian River Valley’s cool morning fog and moderate afternoon temperatures give the BearBoat Pinot Noir richness and texture with bright acidity that balances beautifully. The aromas are a blend of raspberry and red cherry with a toasty vanillla spice flavor and lingering finish.

Enough of all that. To the wine.

The nose is alcoholic. I also get toast and raspberry. It smells better than when I poured it. And I pick up a hint of cola. My girlfriend gets Dr. Pepper, lots of alcohol, and hint of musky flowers, like lilies.

Pink Lilies

On the palate, it’s quite plain, and tastes bigger than it looks. There is some spice, too. My girlfriend picks up pulled-pork that has cola in the sauce. Ha, I wish. Then it’d be good.

It has an acidic finish. That is it tastes sour or tart. Like sour cherries. It’s bitter. After a few sips, though, this acidic finish goes away, but it doesn’t “balance beautifully.” My girlfriend picks up fresh cucumbers.

It does get better with more sips, but not a lot.

I wouldn’t buy this again, especially for $16. It’s like a B wine. Like 87 points.//

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