in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day 114 – Filón 2010 Red Wine

I have so many things to say, but first I received my Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch – White from Credo Mobile today. I received it during the first half of the Germany-Holland Euro Cup 2012 game. But I didn’t do anything with it until after the game. Then I spent about two-and-a-half-mindless hours configuring it and setting it up with apps, such as ESPN radio, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo mail, and maybe something else. Who knows. Anyway, I was hungry before I started working on it, but then I forgot about the hunger. I’m not even hungry right now, and I haven’t touched it in 30 minutes. Maybe Androids are the key to losing weight.

Filón 2010 Red WineTonight’s wine is Filón 2010 Red Wine, which is 100 percent Garnacha. It’s produced by Bodegas Terra Sigilata and is from Calatayud, Spain. I picked it up because it was new at Mahan’s, and I’m always looking for the newest, especially when it’s $9.

Anyway. I need a drink to calm down from this Android distraction. So let’s get to this.

As I poured it from the decanter into a glass it smelled alcoholy and like a cheap wine. I also picked up some cherries, which were confirmed when wafted under my nose. Also, there are musty, musky mushrooms, my my.

Oh, the color is like a light maroon and is 75% opaque.

It tastes much better on the palate, but it finishes kinda cheap. There are juicy cherries on the palate and it’s kinda smooth and thick and musky. On the finish, however, it finishes with mushrooms, some bitterness, and a cheap wine feeling. The more I sip, the less cheap it tastes. But then again, the more I was on the Android, the less I thought about food and time and anything.

On the late linger, it’s like hard candy residue on the tongue, which is a good thing.

The Wine Advocate gave this 90 points. C’mon, Wine Advocate. Seriously?! I mean, if you didn’t swallow it, then I could see 90 points, but the finish brings down that point value. This is like 88 points, and for $9 it’s a pretty darn good wine. For a Garnacha, however, meh. It’s not luscious enough. I doesn’t taste like Spain. And it’s body is too small. If you want a pretty good $9 bottle of wine, then give this a try.

I wonder if Nathan Fillion would like this wine? Meh. Probably not. He can afford better.//

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