In Pursuit of the Juiciest Wine: Day 116 – Ryan Vineyard Calera Pinot Noir 2005

The Universe (which is really boredom) called out to me tonight to have a wine tasting. Ennui, I mean the Universe, said, “Tom, you got a lot of things done today.” (The Universe is wise to realize that doing two things in one day of unemployment is, in fact, a lot. I’m surprised I didn’t take a nap after going both to the bank and the post office in one afternoon. And, I walked to both places! Yeah, walked.) The Universe continued, “To celebrate, you should have a wine tasting with one of the wines you have been saving.” I concurred completely. [Nods head]

Ryan Vineyards Calera Pinot Noir 2005Tonight I’ll be sampling Ryan Vineyard Calera Pinot Noir 2005.

I must have picked this up in August 2010 or so because I wrote about it here: https://thelinebreak.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/in-pursuit-of-the-juiciest-wine-day-thirty-eight/. But I’m going to ignore that post until I’m done tasting. Man, I hope it held up over the last summer and half of this summer.

Anyway, it’s normally a $50 of wine, but I got it for $25, I’ve been saving it, and tonight’s the night for it. Oh, and I’ve been decanting it in the refrigerator. . . . Did you hear that? I think the Universe just chuckled. Well, Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Universe, it’s 80 degrees in my apartment and it’s the only way I can it to a reasonable drinking temperature. So there. Thhhhhhhhhhhhhppppt.

By the way, does anybody else find it difficult to do a wine tasting with their eyeglasses on or is it just me and me wanting to get my nose in to the glass?

The wine is very light. That is, it’s about 75% opaque. It’s a dark cherry/maroon color, which even holds true on the meniscus, except the very top where it’s clear.

It smells like it’s going to be a big body, like a Syrah. It smells dark and with cheese. It’s like sniffing in the back of a cheese cave, if those exist. I also pick up some deep, dark cherries. I also get some leather.

Well, it’s definitely matured. It’s solid and dark in taste, like the middle of some ancient Germany forest. And it finishes quick, like any glimpse of light that you’d see from the middle of that mythic Germany forest would quickly disappear as if by Faustian magic and alchemical uttering. I was going to say I could taste some Grimm’s tale witch in this wine, but no, I taste Mephistopheles. And the devil always makes things taste better. That’s a fact. Ask the Universe. Wait, I’ll ask:

“Hey, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Universe, does Mephistopheles make everything taste better?”

“Why, yes, yes he does. But the devil’s curse is not in the good tastes he creates for us but in the weight gain and hangovers he gives to us. So be careful and be sure to drink lots of water.”

“Thanks, Universe. You’re so ubiquitous and knowledgeable.”

If someone served this wine to me, I would not guess that it was a Pinot Noir. But I know it will go good with cheese and crackers, which very well may be dinner tonight.

This bottle is a lot different than it was two years ago. I still like it, but not for $25. . . . Wait. What? Is that you Universe. “Yes, it is me. The heat is and/or has affected the wine. You gotta keep the wine at a constant cool temperature. . . . Now, where’s that cheese. You don’t think moons are made of cheese, do you? C’mon. I’m hungry. Besides, I’ve had a rough day. Someone thinks they discovered my Higgs Bosons.//

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