Paintings from the 1990s

I have wanted to scan these water color paintings for quite some time before the color faded even more. I finally did it, though the colors faded. I’ve tried to touch up the color in a few paintings. These are are all water colors on 8.5″ x 11.7″ paper. You can click each image to see it bigger, and I would suggest doing that, too.


The Beginning of Time
The Beginning of Time. Circa 1997.

I painted this based on an experience I once had in 1989, where for a moment, the briefest moment I’ve experienced, I could see the beginning of time. I think this picture is of some time before inflation or before 10^-42 seconds. The following day I performed a similar meditation, but that time I experienced the breadth of the universe. I reached out my hand as far as I could into infinity and then I scratched the back of head, which scared the hell out of me and immediately woke me from my meditation.


Bison, My Bison

Slain Bison. Circa 1997-99.

This is my attempt at Paleolithic cave art. I had to photoshop in the arrow because it was barely visible. It had faded over time. Below is supposed to be a puddle of blood with a stream of it in the lower right of the puddle. And there is also an udder in the bison’s belly. The spear enters from the top of the bison which is parallel to the stiffened tail. The spear exits the bison in the belly at the black gash mark. The arrow is bloody red. This image is really sexual on a Jungian level.


The Mouth of Language
The Mouth of Language. Circa 1997.

The colors have faded here. The tongue should be redder. This painting could also be titled “Double Vagina Dentata.”


Rose 1


Rose 2

Rose 3
The Rose Triptych. Circa 1995.

This a series about the life and death of a rose or possible states of a rose. This was highly symbolic on a personal level and very Jungian, but not as Jungian as the vagina dentata or the slain bison. I think the triptych speaks for itself.


4 Responses to “Paintings from the 1990s”

  1. July 21, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Very nice Tom, I didn’t know you dabbled in water colors (sorry, I had to.) Really though, I do like them and you should do some more. No point in sticking to one creative outlet.

  2. October 2, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Tom, your cave art piece is better than you give credit for. I seen it even before I read what you wrote. My favorite of the bunch. Very nice.

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