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In Pursuit of the Juiciest Wine: Day 125 – Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon Valley Central Chile 2011

Has it come to this already? Boxed wine? It has. But I didn’t take this route blindly. I’ve been casually looking into it for a year or so. It seems there are some good boxed wines out there, like Wine Cube and Black Box Paso Robles. The wine stores didn’t have either of those, but they did have Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon Valley Central Chile 2011.

Even if this turns out to be an 87-point wine, it will be a good investment. If it’s below 87 points, then I only lost a few bucks and I have something to cook with. So it’s a good gamble.

Double Stage Corkscrew with stages

The best and only corkscrew anyone needs – the server’s corkscrew or the double stage corkscrew. It’s perfect and easy.

Already I miss the adventure of the bottle, though. The whole ritual of peeling off the foil or capsule, inserting the corkscrew into the cork at a slight angle, denting the top of the cork, twisting, pulling up with the first stage, pulling up more with the second stage, slowly stopping before the pop of the cork, the slow pull so as to not spill wine, the clutching of the cork, and the unwinding of the corkscrew. Then the examination of the color on the cork, which doesn’t really mean anything, except cabs tend to leave darker colors, and it’s always fun when it’s really dark and inky and I try to stamp the backside of my hand with it as if I’m about to enter a bar. And then the slow accumulation of corks. There are about 10 years of corks at my sister’s house. There might even be enough for her to build an additional room to her house.

And then there’s the pour. The slight-angled pour and the arc into the side of the glass, and if I’m lucky, I catch a whiff of its nose. In the least, I can see its color and vibrancy.

And I’ll miss the joy of the watching the level of wine decrease in the bottle. But I won’t miss the guilt at the end of the night or the next morning when I realize I drank a whole bottle of wine while I was carrying on with the things I was doing. So boxed wine is guilt-free wine. However,  how will I be able to tell how much wine I’ve had? This could be dangerous.

Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 2011So here it goes. I’m going to give this wine very deliberate attention.

I pushed in the half-moon of cardboard cutout, pulled back the rectangular cardboard cutout, pulled out the tab, turn it bit so it will pour down, secured the pourer into place, and poured. I did not smell anything. It poured straight like an old man drooling.

But it had color. And the color looks good. It doesn’t look thin and cheap. It’s dark purple and kind of inky and 90% opaque.

The nose has melons and lots of alcohol, but it’s not hot with alcohol, but it is dominant. It smells musky in its deep recesses and a bit moldy like a British cheese.

I just had a taste. It’s not bad. I’ve certainly had worse bottles of cab. However, there’s not much flavor. It tastes like wine, but I’m not really picking up any notes. It’s mellow.

The finish has some flavor.

It’s not that it lacks flavor. It has flavor, but it’s nondescript.

It certainly needs some food. This would be a good wine for a barbeque, especially if something is cooked and marinated in barbeque sauce. The closest thing I have is natural smoked Gouda I picked up at the Whole Foods in New Orleans two days ago.The cheese actually complemented the nose. They had a little spinning dance together, and then embraced. And it did help the wine along. It brought out a hint of plummy cherry, but, very mild.

I think I can honestly give this wine 87 points. I know what other 87s taste like, and this comparable, and perhaps better because it’s half the price.

It’s not hard to drink at all, but I could get bored of it very easily. It does get better with more air time.//

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