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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty-seven

Man, I gotta get to reading some poetry books. Right now it’s all work, Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, research, and some writing – poetry and this blog. But for now, the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon mini tour must go on.


Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon 2006Tonight’s wine is Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, California.

I’ve heard good things about this wine, and the back label says, “black cherry and black plum fruit.” I like cherries and plums. Hm. I should start identifying what type of plum next time I taste plum. Whenever I taste plum, I always picture a black plum. I must expand my ways.

This one looks like it is aging well because the clear top part of the meniscus is very thin. The wine is ruby in color and 90% opaque.

Do I get bacon on the nose? I do get leather and dark cherries as well as juicy plums, but I don’t know what color. I think there’s a hint of white pepper and some currants, too.

I’m salivating. I’d better get to this now.

It’s big and has the body you’d expect from a Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the dryness. It has a spicy finish, too. If I were blindfolded, I would guess this is a cab.

The cherries and plums are hard to come by because it is so, so dry. I think there are some blackberries, too. If you pay close attention, you might get anise and mint on the palate, but they are barely noticeable.

It’s loosening up as it opens, and I just got bing cherries.

This wine is solid. It is a Cabernet Sauvignon. Because it is loosening up and becoming less dry, I give it 91 points. Not that I have anything against dryness, but this was really dry for a while. It felt like my gums were made of fuzz.

Oh, and it’s only $14.

Next time, the wine that has spoiled me off my regular everyday wines – The Hall 2006, which I’ve written about twice and the 2005 once.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty-six

Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2007Unfortunately,  this will be quick. It’s unfortunate because I know I’ve got a good bottle of wine for the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon mini tour. It’s Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from, well, 47% is from Mendocino County, 37% is from Lake Country, and the remaining 16% is from Napa County. Oh, this will be fun and schizophrenic.

As soon as I poured the wine into the glass I smelled darkness. And I smelled dark berries and currants. It smelled big and earthy. It looks big and earthy. Even its meniscus is dark for a meniscus.

As I put it to my nose I smell vibrancy and depth.  Also, there are sour cherries and cassis and just a hint of vanilla. It’s kinda funky, too, but in a good way like Roger Clinton funky.

The texture is smooth and round. It finishes with white pepper and bing cherries. There are some plums in there, too, and it’s helping create that smooth, round texture.

I’m enjoying the size of the body, too.

Everything seems to be jiving together well. I know I’ve been giving points lately, even though I don’t like to, but this one gets 89.

I’ll come back in an hour and update that.

Ok. Here I am. Back again. Smooth and enjoyable. It’s pushing 90.

If you have this with Yancey’s Fancy Champagne Aged Cheddar Cheese and Kashi’s TLC roasted garlic & thyme party crackers, then Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is easily a 90 and pushing 91.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty-three

So the other day I told you about the idea for an epic poem about the needle. Well, I wrote a three-page poem about the early days of the needle with a Cro-Magnon narrator, though it’s not a narrative poem. Here’s the first line:

Once I saw a spider weave a star

The Red Spider Planetary Nebula

It's not a star. It's the Red Spider Planetary Nebula.

It seems like that line should have been written before. Anyway.

It’s an energetic poem. This poem truly is, as Philip Whalen says, a graph of the mind moving. It has leaps. Haiku leaps. It is jumping with sensation. Despite how much I like it, there is still more to write. But I think I’ll have to write number of poems. Each one will be a about the needle in a certain place in history or its use or whatever comes to me. Hopefully, it will be a surprise.

I still have a few minor revisions to do, and then I’ll it send off. In the meanwhile . . .

To the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon mini tour.

Hmm. It seems I’ve had this before on thirty-four. Let’s see if I get the same notes.

Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2007Today’s Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is the Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from Napa Valley. I’m assured this will be good. Just looking at the darkness of this wine, I can tell it will have a big body and will taste fine.

What a good nose. Big, deep, plummy earthy with a hint of vanilla. I’m getting psyched.

It’s got a good body that’s just about the right size for a Cabernet Sauvignon. It has slightly leathery texture, as well. You know what, I get pomegranates. Lovely pomegranates. And there might be some cinnamon, too.

Cherries and plums are on the finish.

Today, I really like this. Last time I was okay with it, though last time I got salty bacon on the nose.

I’ll give this at least 89 points. Is it 90? Ninety is special. You know what. It’s getting juicy, and I love juicy. So 90 points it is.

This is a fun wine. Yeah, I like this Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty-two

Frank GoreI’ve been distracted a bit because I was preparing for a fantasy football draft, which happened Sunday. I can’t really tell how I did, but because of the way the other teams drafted I found myself with a slew of running backs who are not in committees: Frank Gore, Cedric Benson, Pierre Thomas, LeSean McCoy, and Jerome Harrison. That’s a pretty good running back crew.

I could more into my draft, but I’m distracted again.

Bone Sewing Needle

Bone Sewing Needle

I’ve been thinking about the invention of the sewing needle, or thread puller, as the most important invention in the history of humanity. I’m thinking an epic poem could be written about this and the events that followed, like clothes, rope, baskets, and a surgeons stitching of a wound, and probably a bunch more.

But now I need another distraction. The Californian Cabernet Sauvignon mini tour.

Casa LaPostolle Cabernet Sauvignon 2007The other day I had McManis Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 from Ripon, CA. I liked it. I liked it much more because it was $9. I hope the same happens with this $9 bottle of Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from Rapel Valley.

This one is 75% opaque, and already I’m getting bad vibes from it. It has a thin meniscus which is odd for such a young wine. The legs linger because of the 14.1% alcohol. The nose is kinda ordinary. It’s not exciting me. I get caramel, plums, cinnamon, and figs. My girlfriend gets a vegetable, like a cooked parsnip. I don’t know what that smells like, so I’ll trust her.

Hey that’s not bad. It’s a bit thin, as was expected. But it was pleasant in the mouth with it’s earthiness and hints of plums and cherries. Not much else going on.

There’s a slight tart finish, but it’s more warm like alcohol.

A little bit after the finish I can taste those parsnips.

This wine isn’t great, but it’s ok. I’ll give it 87 points I suppose. It gets better with more air, too.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty-one

Dave's Gourmet Red Heirloom Organic Pasta SauceIt’s day two of the Californian Cabernet Sauvignon mini tour, and tonight I’m a bachelor. The girlfriend is out for the night, so the whole bottle is mine.

Tonight for dinner I’m making mushroom pierogies with Dave’s Gourmet Red Heirloom Organic Pasta Sauce. The sauce is so amazing. It might be the best sauce I’ve ever had from a jar. Oh, and I’ll have some Italian pane bread with butter as well. It should be a good meal.

I’m thinking of watching Titanic, too.

Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon 815 2008Tonight’s Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon 815 2008  from St. Helena in Napa County.

To the wine. Allons-y.

This one has a dark ruby color with a bright purple meniscus. It smells smooth an plummy. I also get cherry and strawberry and hints of cantaloupe and cedar or oak  or something woody.

To the tasting!

A slight bit of pepper with plums and a touch of green apples. And it’s dry. I wish the body were a little bigger, but it’s okay.

On the finish are strawberries and peppers and a bit of juiciness.

Overall, it’s a fine and pleasant wine, and I’m sure it will go well with the mushrooms and sauce.

A $14 price seems okay for this wine, which I give 89 points. It wins me on the front of the tongue and the finish.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day forty

Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon 2007Yay! It’s day forty of the tour. To celebrate I will do another mini tour — a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon tour. I got some really good ones and some I will find about. One of the ones I will find out about is Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 from Napa Valley.

I just poured a glass, and as it flowed into the wine glass, I thought, “What a brilliant ruby color.” Plus, it’s about 95% opaque, so things are looking good. Ha.

On the nose are wild mushrooms, a steak Montreal, some sour cherries, earthiness, and muskiness.

This wine wants to be juicy but the pepper and this sizzling sensation are getting in the way. I also get tart cherries.

It’s also thinner than I thought. I’m starting to think I should rename this overall tour — In Pursuit of the Juiciest and Big Bodied Wine Tour.

Anyway, this isn’t a $14 wine, as it is marked. It’s $9 or $10. I give it 87 points.

Day 40 wasn’t so great. Sigh. However, there are definitely some good Cabernet Sauvignons coming up.//

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