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2014 World Cup Predictions

Around this time in 2006, I predicted Spain would make it to the semis, and they did. Now it’s 2010, so I’ll make predictions for the 2014 World Cup.

First, France and Italy will advance past the first stage, and America should make it to the elite eight, maybe. America is a weird and unpredictable team. They do well in the regular season of qualifiers, but fall apart in World Cup play. Though this time the refs led to some of the downfall.

Brasil, as the home team, will definitely make it to the semis. They will have the drums in the crowd beating out the rhythm they need to play good ball. The reason they didn’t make it this year is because the vuvuzelas drowned out the drums. The Brazilians had no rhythm against the Netherlands, plus they got a little ego after that first goal. But it was really the vuvuzelas to blame for the loss.

Ghana should also make it to the semis. They’ll recover after that heart-breaking loss to Uruguay, who will lose today to the Netherlands. Ghana is so talented and so young, they will only get better. I love Ghana. I loved them after their first game.

Germany, who will beat Spain tomorrow, will be in the semis in 2014, too. Germany’s always in the semis, so that’s safe. Spain could be even better if they open up the game some more.

Who else is of interest. The Ivory Coast played good ball and will advance to the second round in 2014. I like how Japan played. They should repeat what they did this year in 2010. Spain and Portugal should be good again. Uruguay won’t don’t as well unless they get a scorer. They’ve a great defense, but they need a striker. I still like Chile to do something, too.

So for the 2014 World Cup semis it will be Brasil, Germany, Ghana, and an unknown.//


in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day eighteen

Daniel Gehrs Syrah 2005

Daniel Gehrs Syrah 2005. Out the window facing east.

I watched three World Cup futbol games today. Ghana looked real good. They passed well and moved up and down the field well. They had a Brazilian flow to them. Classic Brazilian. Not the 2006 Brazil. Ug.

Germany, however, Germany. Oh my. Their passing was amazing. Each player knew right where to be, and each player knew where the other was. They played like they had a collective consciousness. I love passing because there’s always movement. Moving the ball around is what excites me. Good soccer like good poetry is always moving and doing, and this German team played like what Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry would do on the pitch. Here’s hoping Daniel Gehrs Syrah 2005 is as good as this German team or the Ghanaian team.

Since this Syrah is from California, I expect it to taste exactly like a Syrah – spicy, plummy, and dark berried, or dark berry-y. Ha. I find many Californian wines to have little imagination. They are safe. You will get exactly what you want, which is fine, but like good poetry and soccer, I want my wines to do. I want them to do things to my nose, tongue, and mind.


I love the nose. There’s some yummy plums being kicked around with some flowers and black pepper and maybe some honeydew melon.

Mark Rothko's Red on Maroon

Mark Rothko's "Red on Maroon."

It’s not as dark as I expect. It 70% Opaque. It’s dark maroon. It’s darker than Mark Rothko’s maroon in “Red on Maroon.”

Mmm. Yummy. Smooth and jammy with a peppery finish. It’s like a Zinfandel, but lighter.

This is what I call a round wine because it’s full and without holes. This doesn’t mean big bodied. This is a medium-big body. A light bodied wine can also be round. It’s round because that is the shape I feel.

This wine is smooth like Ghanaian futbol. It’s not predictable like dumping the ball in the corner and crossing it into the penalty area. No, this has fluid movement, and it moves around and around. It’s not German soccer or Rilke poetry, but I will enjoy it, especially for $10 a bottle.

By the way, I’m pulling for the U. S., Ghana, Germany, Brazil, and any other surprisingly fun teams.//

The Cave (Winner of The Bitter Oleander Press Library of Poetry Book Award for 2013.)

The Cave

Poems for an Empty Church

Poems for an Empty Church

The Oldest Stone in the World

The Oldest Stone in the Wolrd

Henri, Sophie, & The Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound: Poems Blasted from the Vortex

Henri, Sophie, & The Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound: Poems Blasted from the Vortex

Pre-Dew Poems

Pre-Dew Poems

Negative Time

Negative Time

After Malagueña

After Malagueña

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