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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day 102 (Bodegas Beronia Reserva Rioja 2006)

Bodegas Beronia Reserva Rioja 2006I picked up the Bodegas Beronia Reserva Rioja 2006 especially for tonight. Tonight is my last day of full-time work for a while, so I wanted to get something that I think will be good. It’s a blend of Tempranillo, Graciano, and Mazuelo. I love Tempranillo, but I’ve never heard of the other two. I have no idea what it will taste like.

By the way, I forgot that “Bodegas” means “winery” in Spanish. So this wine is from the Beronia winery in Rioja, Spain. And here’s a little history about this winery.

Bodegas Beronia is found in the Rioja Alta area of the region which is situated to the west. In this area, the soil is mainly calcareous clay soil and the vineyards are on average at an altitude of 600 meters. This area’s climatic influences are from the Atlantic. However, due to the Cantabria and Demanda mountain ranges, it is sheltered from the worst Atlantic influences. It also boasts the Ebro river which creates a series of microclimates and provides much needed water for the vines. The situation of Bodegas Beronia is considered to be a unique place for the creation of wines of high quality.

The grapes used at Beronia come from vineyards from within a ten-mile radius of the cellars, ensuring that only the highest quality grapes enter the winery. A close relationship is maintained with the 150 vine growers who supply the grapes, guaranteeing that only the best quality grapes are selected and that the process is done so in the most natural way. Our technical experts frequently visit the estates to ensure that the use of fertilisers and chemicals are kept to a minimum. It is our priority to maintain healthy and high quality grapes.

Beronia, true to its tradition, produces a classic line of fine and well-balanced wines, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva. In addition to these two white wines, a young Viura and a barrel fermented Viura. However they satisfy their innovative and avant-garde side with an interesting range of single variety wines, special production Tempranillo and Beronia Mazuelo Reserva, making them the only winery in Rioja to produce a reserve wine from the Mazuelo grape.

(cited from with some editing by me.)

And if you want even better history and story about this wine, check out the post on Le Dom di Vin. Now that’s a history!

And as explained in an earlier post:

Crianza means the wine has aged for two years and at least six months of that ageing was done in oak. Spain has some regulations, don’t you know. If you see a Reserva, that means the wine was aged three years with at least one year in oak. And if you see Gran Reserva, then it has aged for five years with at least 18 months in oak and three years in a bottle.

This is the Reserva, so it’s been aged for three years, and at least one of those years was in oak.


To the wine!


This wine looked darker when I poured it, and it’s still dark, but not as solid dark as I previously witnessed. The color actually pairs well with my dark red and black flannel. That’s right. I now pair my wines with my clothing.

The nose has dark berries, mustiness, tobacco, and some cranberries.

It has a sour, smoky finish. It’s a completely different wine on the finish. And it lingers for a long time in the mouth and throat and in the goose bumps that arise after the swallow. That was after the first taste. On the second taste, the sourness disappears, and the finish lasts as long as vapor.

Thinking of vapor. There’s a lot of alcohol in this one. Whoo.

Those other two grapes are pretty dominant in this wine. There are stealing the typical juiciness of the Tempranillo.

This wine would go good with steak and hamburgers and feta cheese. I keep wanting feta cheese with each sip.

There’s nothing exceptional about this wine, unless you like them dark. Robert Parker might like it, but I like mine a bit more fruitty and bright.

It’s still pretty good. I’d give it like a B+/89. It definitely needs some food to tame it.//

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