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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day ninety-three (Juan Gil Jumilla Red 2008)

Juan Gil Jumilla Red 2008

100% Monastrell (Mouvedre)

I just did five minutes of jumping rope. Woo. That was hard. Much harder than I remember. I remember I once did a jumping rope marathon for some cause. I raised the most money by a boy at my school. I won a free sweat suit. Wheeee.

But now it’s time for Juan Gil Jumilla Red 2008. It’s 100% Monastrell, which in France is known as Mourvedre.

This wine has history of good ratings. Over the last seven or eight years, it has received 90-92 points. What I remember of this wine, though I may not have had this year, is that it was muscular.


You know, when I hear the word Monastrell, I do think of green. So the above picture is perfect. (Except I often think of monks, too. Hmm.)

Green Monk

(And sometimes I think of Art Monk as a New York Jet. Ha. No it’s true. He played for the Jets in the penultimate year of his amazing career. In 1994, he started 15 of 16 games and played in 16. He had 46 receptions for 581 yards and 3 TDs. He also finished his career with the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1995 with the Eagles, he played in three games and started one. He had 6 receptions for 114 yards and 0 TDs.)

Art Monk as a New York Jets

But to the wine. I need to replenish after all that jumping rope.

It smells delicious. It smells like Spain. Like a Grancha, almost. There’s chocolate and cherries.

This is a jammy wine. Raspberry jam. Thick raspberry jam. Followed by a spicy, dry finish.

This wine is making me change my meal plans. I will not be having Italian Wedding soup, which may be my favorite soup. No, this needs a pizza or pasta with red sauce.

The body of this wine reminds me of a big Merlot (a Merlot with green apples), but it behaves like a red Zin, but not as full bodied, but damned delicious.

You know what, I think it might be hot, while retaining balance.

This is a wonderful wine for $14. I give it an A.//

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