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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day fifty-four

Miles DavisAlright. I’m in a good mood. A jazzy mood. A fusion jazzy mood. A Miles Davis mood. I love, love, love Miles Davis to no end, especially his fusion jazz. The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (would someone get this for me please. Here’s a link: Thank you. All I have is the one cd version of the LP. Only two songs.), Bitches Brew, Live-Evil, Dark Magus, On the Corner (I’d love to have the Complete On the Corner Sessions, too. I’ve only got the one cd version. Here’ s a link:, . . . . The non-fusion: In a Silent Way is just, just the best. “Shhh/Peaceful” blows me away. Everything Miles is Good. Sketches of Spain is not jazz, but it is tremendous. (Isn’t that piece made for a guitar? but when Miles plays it, it’s for the trumpet.) Everything Miles is good or great, except for Tutu. I’ve been listening to Miles a lot lately. (I have about 2 1/2 feet of Miles Davis cds.) He gets me through work. The day. He’s almost as good as my girlfriend. My girlfriend is limitless.

Besides Miles making me smiles, I got a cool gizmo that allows me to play my iPod in the car. I plug one end of the gizmo into the cigarette lighter and the other end into the bottom of the iPod, find an unused radio station, and boom I can listen to Miles over the car speakers. It’s really amazing.

And then I finally got some good speakers for the computer, because the computer is where I’m listening to most of my music these days, and my stereo is ancient. My beautiful three-foot speakers, which used to play loud and beautiful, can’t go over 2 1/2 now. The CD player is crippled. The receiver is from the early 90s. It works fine. But as I said, the desk is where I listen to my music. But these speakers plus a 42W subwoofer . . . . It has so much bass that I have to turn the bass volume to almost zero. It’s so overwhelming otherwise. Bonus: the speakers fill the 50′ x 30′ x 14′ apartment quite well. Quite well indeed. Bitches Brew sounds *amazing*.

I’m starting to think this post should be called The Miles, Music, and Wine post. So let’s get to the wine.


Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2006The California Cabernet Sauvignon extended mini tour continues with Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 from Paso Robles, California.

I busted the light bulb a little bit ago, so I can’t quite tell how dark this wine is. Okay, I walked over to a lighted place. It’s like 97% opaque. Unfortunately, there are some cork crumbs floating on the surface. It’ll be a fusion of cork and wine. Sigh. That’s not the fusion I like.

The wine is fruity on the nose, but I also get berries like cranberries and cherries. Is cherry a berry? It rhymes with berry, so a cherry, logically and therefore, must be, ipso facto, a berry, of course, of course. There is also some coffee back there. Java Estate. Light-medium roasted Java Estate. When I inhale deeply, I can see the beans light brown color and smooth surface. Such a beautiful bean.

The Paso Creek is quite smooth on the palate. It’s not very dry. I can let it sit in mouth for, well, for indefinitely if I had to because it sits well on the tongue. But even in its sitting, I don’t get the typical Cabernet Sauvignon dryness. But I do get plums and some juicy fruit – juicy for a cab, that is.

The finish has just a hint of tartness, but not much else.

I’m really enjoying this, despite the cork crumbs.

This is straight up pleasant. It’s worth the $15. If it were less expensive, it would be a really good everyday wine.

Oh, so points. Points, points, points. I got 88 of them for this one. I recommend it for casual drinking. You know, for a casual party.//

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