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In Pursuit of the Juiciest Wine: Day 120 – Tittarelli Tempranillo Reserva 2005

Tittarelli Tempranillo Reserva 2005I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond yesterday to pick up  a $2 wine glass, because it has to be better than drinking out of that mini-jelly-jam-mason-jar-wine-glass from the Juiciest Wine Tour Day 119. And tonight I will test it out on Tittarelli Tempranillo Reserva 2005 because there’s nothing else to do, and the daily late-afternoon/early-evening thunderstorm has come and gone, and my stuff won’t arrive from New York until Monday, so bottoms up.

Wow, that’s a big picture of that bottle. I took it with my two-month old Galaxy S II phone, and it takes huge pictures. The original size was like 12″ x 44″. I tried to shrink it down, but I guess I didn’t shrink it enough. If you click on it, you can get an even bigger image. (I should have kept the resolution at 72 when I shrunk the size, but I made it 300 dpi for a better pic, which is probably why it’s still so big. Ok. Boring.)

According to Cellar Tracker, “Tempranillo is the premium red wine grape variety from the Rioja and Ribera del Duero region in Spain,” but this one is from Argentina. I love Tempranillo, but I’ve never had one from below the equator. (Cellar Tracker is somehow associated with Grape Stories, which is a place where I put these reviews, too, but an abbreviated version. If you like wine, and want to know about any bottle of wine you can find, they probably have a review of it there.)

Enough chit chat. To the wine. Allons-y.

This wine has been opened (as well as the back door) and in glass for over 30 minutes. It’s a new world wine, so it should definitely be ready to drink by now.

The nose has leather, smoke, pepper, and dark currants and maybe watermelon. It smells like a picnic on the edge of a forest. I’m waiting from drunken woodland creatures and ungulates to stagger out. [Wait for it.]

The color is a dark maroon, and it has long, sexy, colorful legs. The meniscus is short and dark, but not as dark as the wine.

It’s very dry on the taste and finish, which tastes cheap.

The taste is herbaceous and it makes my mouth pucker as if I had just sucked on some alum. I can find dark, sour cherries, too.

I don’t know what I think about this wine. It certainly lacks the soul of a Spanish Tempranillo.

Bleu cheese would probably go good with this. I don’t recommend drinking wine with chicken wings, even though I have, but if you do want to combine wings and wine, this might be the wine to do it with. . . . Ah, man, will I ever find good wings down here in the deep, deep south. Now I’m hungry for chicken wings. Sigh. I guess I’ll have a chicken Waldorf salad instead. [Read the last two sentences like Eeyore for the true tonal effect.]


Where are the chicken wings in this rainy, rainy Hattiesburg? Oh where? Oh Where?

So this really isn’t a good wine, especially as a Tempranillo. Eeyore says, “And a new wine glass didn’t even save it.”

86 points. Enough said.//

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