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in pursuit of the juiciest wine: day ninety-eight (Vina Zaco Temrpanillo 2007)

Vina Zaco Tempranillo 2007The 98th wine of the Juiciest Wine tour is Bodegas Bilbainas Vina Zaco Tempranillo 2007 from Rioja, Spain.

I don’t know anything about this wine. I just randomly picked it off the shelf. I like Tempranillo especially from Spain and especially from Rioja. And I like the label design – clean, simple, inventive and with movement.

The back label has this to say:

     A wine with just one puprpose: to be Rioja
     Its character, the fruit, and the expression of Tempranillo
     Rebellious, authentic, and delicious

Oh, and it’s 100% Temprnillo. I’m felling good about this one. Allons-y.

I get a dark cola on the nose, a hint of melon, tree bark, blackberries, maybe some moss, and dried mushrooms. Hmm. It’s almost like a forest. I do keep picturing the side of a mountain on the border of trees and rocks.  Something like this:

Mountain Side

or this:

Ch-paa-qn PeakBut more trees.


The body is eloquent. It’s like a waterfall.

Mountainside Waterfall

There are definitely some cherries in here. It’s trying to be jammy, too. It’s got red fruit and berries, so it’s kinda juicy. There’s just enough tannins in here to hold back that potential juiciness I crave.

The finish has a hint of spice, maybe cinnamon, but it’s a clean finish. It goes quick.

Ths Vina Zaco is quite deceptive. It’s trying to be something grand, but it’s too humble. It’s holding back. Maybe in another year or two it will flourish. But it’s still good.

I give it like a B+ or an 89.

I think it needs food.

Now, it’s getting addictive. I sip, set it down, sip, set it down. . . .  It’s all one long motion. It’s addictive because it tastes good and because, damn it, there’s something going on in it beyond my reach. It”s seductive, mysterious, and romantic.//

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